You’re my inspiration


In my first post, I wrote something about taking motivation from those around me, (At least I think I did; who can remember? And I’m too lazy to look back) and from those inspirational messages all over Facebook and social media. But the more I think about those, and how can I not, given the overwhelming deluge at which they show up, the more I hate them.

sand smile

Fuck them for their backhanded belief that I can become a better person or that I need to change. Guess what? I’m 44 years old, with no job, no discernable future income and only a vague suggestion of where I want to be or where I want to end up. Yes, it’s kind of messed up. I admit it. But I am not going to read one of these motivational posts and suddenly think, “Goddammit that puts it all in perspective! All is now right with the world! All my problems are over!” If it was that simple all the psychiatrists and psychologists would be out of a job.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m glad you’ve found your place in this world. That you’re content and that you’re headed in the right direction. I really am. But some of us still have work to do to find “that place” wherever it may be. Some of us are still incomplete, broken and frustrated. There are likely more of us. But we still have hope that things will fall into place for us. There is still hope, and it’s not going to be found in an inspirational or motivational quote.

Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way though. Maybe the message is not the inspirational quote. Maybe the message is the societal move towards happiness, via the interwebs. We’ve already had the book, so now the happiness movement has opened up a social media account. We all want to be happy, and those that aren’t are still reluctant to admit that they aren’t. “Those motivational quote are going to judge me!” The last place we want to be reminded of this fact is through some random quote on Facebook, which we all know is the best form of escapism there is …

At this age I am not going to change regardless of what these inspirational messages have to tell me about it not being too late to become the person I can be or to make a difference in this world. All I or anyone can hope for is to get through as best we can, to look for happiness wherever we can find it and to get through by finding our own version of success. For now, this writing is my output and my inspirational quote. Like all good things, there is a process.

Be strong, peeps. Be well.

This post is serious and moody. The next one will be lighter. Maybe.



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