I’ve made the change



David Bowie’s Changes. Change by Tears for Fears. Change by Blind Melon. Seasons Change by Expose. Don’t Change by INXS. There are lots of songs about change, changing, and not changing. Really, there are. Don’t believe me; Here’s a list.

My change today, other than being back on a rampaging hunt for a job, is changing from a free WordPress blog to a paid subscription. That’s right, chrisdoffandsarcastic.com is mine, all mine. The name might include the word ‘sarcastic’ but it is just a word. Sure I possess a healthy dose of sarcasm as a character trait, however it is just a word and a blog title because every page needs a title.

Blogging is an outlet for writing; it’s a voice in a time of millions of voices. It was Mark Zuckerberg himself who said that the success of Facebook is due to the ease at which everyone now has a means to publicly state their views and opinions (for better or worse; if you are deliberately provocative and anonymous hiding behind your Internet comments, definitely worse) to a widespread audience. This was not an option before, and now there is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others. Millions of voices, millions of words and millions of conversations. Social media is a conversation and people are talking, and these conversations are just as personal and important as face-to-face meetings over coffee with your best friend. How to make them relevant is the challenge.

Blogs, just like Internet comments, are meant to hopefully attract attention. There are millions of blogs, and millions are unread. Most are unread. Outside of a handful of friends and,  perhaps, a few people that follow this blog, no one will see this. I’m OK with that. Anyone writing a blog has to be OK with that as more likely than not, it will not get widespread attention.

So why do it? As Zuckerberg said, we do it for the outlet it provides. I’m in the business of writing words, for brochures, for websites, for media relations materials, of proofreading words, both mine and others. Is this blog shameless self-promotion?  Sure it is. Aren’t most blogs?  There are bloggers some that make good money off their blogs, and that is the hope, regardless of odds, for anyone that writes one. If you make even little money because of the presence of a blog then you are one of the lucky ones.

Among those blogs that do manage to bring in a little bit of money, is it the blog itself, or is it because of the ancillary benefit that comes with whatever attention it might bring to the author? That’s my reason, as the words itself are simply words, and opinion. I can help you with crafting and creating words. But, unlike angry, opinionated, generally negative commentators on news stories posted to Facebook, I am not anonymous. I am right here.


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