This is me. I’m a writer, editor, social media guy, and I get annoyed by lots of stuff. But it does not make me a bad guy. These are those stories.

On the professional side, grammar and spelling can be scary. I’ll make it less scary. For a bunch of letters squished together, words are a big deal. I can help you find those words to improve your written communication.

I have 16 years of experience as a writer, including copywriting, writing for magazines, blogging, editing, marketing communication, public relations and journalism.Give me your draft work and I will make it pretty. Websites, media releases, brochures, essays; if it contains the written word, I can help you out.

Past work includes: articles, social media posts, newsletters, media releases, proofreading, brochures, posters and copy for reports and presentations.

I have created copy for web pages, online and print ads, Facebook and Twitter posts, promotional e-mails, newsletters. brochures and B2B. Having worked as both a journalist and a public relations professional, I know what it takes to get your message noticed in a busy (social) media marketplace. My education is in broadcasting, public relations and corporate communications and writing for a web audience. My time is your time

Contact me here: mcgregor.c (at) gmail.com.

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